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Quality content

Here at Elkorado, we are convinced that internet's future lies in the quality of its content.

We believe that quality stands over quantity et we want to make it available for everyone.

Long lasting content

Quality implies an updated and usable information. A nugget is a link to quality and long lasting content.

You won't find the last breaking news or rumors on Elkorado but feature articles, reflexions and tips that will make the difference.

Find you nuggets

You found a great content a few month ago and you can't find it anymore ? It's a shame because you were just talking about it and wanted to share the link...

Keep your nuggets on Elkorado and find them easily whenever you need.

Discover new nuggets

Thanks to our smart indexing engine, discover the most relevant nuggets.

Follow topics and discover nuggets on your interests.

Follow people and discover nuggets on subjects you'd never explored.

Quality according to us

By "us", we mean the multitude of people who joined us, who want to preserve and share the information they believe of quality.

Join us, share your nuggets and discover quality content on Elkorado.

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